Chiamaka Obuekwe On The Crunch, Ebony Life TV (Interview)

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I’m so excited to finally share my first TV interview with you all. On Saturday, the 20th of August 2016, I had the privilege of being interviewed on “The Crunch” on Ebony life TV, DSTV channel 165, with the awesome presenter Arit Okpo. It was a very fun and insightful interview. It’ll help you learn more about our brand.  Watch and leave your comments and don’t forget to keep supporting our brand, Social Prefect tours. I appreciate you all.


Register For The Idanre Hills Tour on

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I’m super excited to announce our partnership with the ride sharing platform for the Idanre hills tour. Find out all the details about our upcoming tour Idanre hills here. Signing up is easy, all you have to do is go to and after you have signed up to the platform, click to join our ride. After you have signified your interest in joining our ride, we will send you a response and give you more details. It’s that simple; and come 13th of September, we will be on our way to the beautiful Idanre hills in Ondo. We are so excited. Don’t miss out on this tour.  See pictures and read reviews from our others tours here.


Quotes of The Week #12 + Excitement over Ebony Life TV Interview

Hi guys,

Wow! August has almost come to an end. This year has been moving really fast. Can you believe we have only 4 months left till the end of 2016? It was just January 1st the other day; time really flies. I hope you’ve been having a good year so far and you are working out your dreams and visions. This year has been a good one for Social Prefect. The brand has really grown a lot from where it was last year and I have only God to thank.

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Adventure in Idanre Hills 2016 – Upcoming Tour

Social Prefect Tours is at it again. This time we have something bigger and way more interesting planned. Our tour buses are heading to the scenic hills of Idanre in Ondo state. Read about Idanre hills from our visit there last year. You see there comes a time in your life when you need a Vacation. But the truth is, we can’t all afford the luxurious trips to distant shores and exotic islands, so while we wait and save up to get there and also considering the fact that forex is on an all time high, why don’t we start by exploring our own country? There are so many beautiful destinations in Nigeria waiting to be explored.

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Olumo Rock 2016 Tour Video

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Hope you’ve all read our Olumo rock 2016 tour post? If pictures tell a thousand stories, then videos tell a million.  We have the official video for our Olumo rock tour created by Alleb media and we are glad to share it with you all. Kindly watch, share, comment and tell everyone about it. It’s a great video that makes us relive our experience there. Don’t forget to spread the word about Social Prefect Tours. It’s a movement and everyone needs to here about this great movement. That being said, enjoy the video 🙂

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Olumo Rock Class of 2016 – Reviews, Pictures and Links

Hi guys,

I know I’m a tad-bit late on posting this, but right now let’s just go with the mantra, “better late than never”. Olumo rock tour which took place on July 16, 2016 was amazing. The tour was so great, to the extent that we trended on twitter, we were the top trend at a point. It is one my best tours yet (actually all tours have a special place in my heart). It had lots of amazing people in attendance and the whole journey together was full of laughter, games, jokes, light-hearted conversations, fun networking, warmth and plenty pictures. Everyone left that day so happy and testified to a good time. We thank God everything went well; we went to Abeokuta and got back safely to Lagos without any issues.

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Visit to the Emir’s Palace and Scenic Mbula Hills in Dass, Bauchi

After the insightful visit to Tafawa Balewa’s Mausoleum, our next stop on the Explore Bauchi trip was the visit to Dass. Dass is a local government area in Bauchi, it is also an emirate with 14 districts. It is a town occupied by rocks, ridges, boulders, stones and hills. Literally everywhere in Dass is surrounded by rocks and hills. It was such a beautiful site. For someone who has spent all her life in the South, this was such a welcome view. It was really fascinating. The truth is, there are lots of interesting, beautiful and fascinating places  and sites in the North. But they are not publicized at all,  or given any attention and this is quite sad.

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Exploring The Legacies of Sir Tafawa Balewa in Bauchi

Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa’s Tomb and Mausoleum Bauchi

In continuation to my last post on the Explore Bauchi trip, I mentioned that on the second day we kicked off with a buffet breakfast at the Bauchi government house. The breakfast was really good with lots of yummy Hausa dishes. After breakfast, we set out on our way to Tafawa Balewa’s Mausoleum. On our way there, we were given our own packs of Kilishi, which was delicious by the way. I miss all the pampering and good treatment from that trip. Another great thing I loved about the Bauchi trip was how much I learnt. Before the trip, I did not really pay much attention to the fact that the great Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was from Bauchi  state (the local government where he is from, is even named after him) and I had also not studied his great life. However, after this trip, I was properly educated and very grateful for the privilege. IMG_9645IMG_9644 Continue reading

Quotes of The Week #11

Hi guys,

Good morning and welcome to a new week. I trust your weekend was splendid. Mine was fun and restful. I attended a wedding on Saturday, which was really fun, with lots of old friends in attendance and I rested on Sunday after church. I have been up to a lot of things lately and I’ve experienced a zillion and one adventures which I have not shared here yet.

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Vernal and Blithe Boot Camp 2016

Growing up, I loved summer camps, summer lessons and basically any event that brought kids or teens my age together outside the traditional classroom setting. I always learnt a while lot and made new friends. And now to be grown and given the opportunity to facilitate one is such a great thing. I’m ready to impact some knowledge and share with teenagers. Get your kids to register for #TheBOOTCAMP2016

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