We turned 2 a few days ago and we are so excited. 2016 was an awesome year for our blog and brand. We garnered a lot of recognition and grew a whole lot last year. Looking back at our very first post in 2015 and also our anniversary post from last year, it gives us great joy knowing we have grown this much. Our next post would be about our highlights, achievements and lessons learnt in 2016; watch out for that. Join us as we celebrate two years. To celebrate, we will be doing a series of giveaways; see details of the first one and the major one below. If you would like your brand to be featured on our blogiversary giveaway series which will take place on Instagram as we also celebrate 20k followers there and get free advert in return, send an email to

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How To Travel Better This 2017

It’s a new year and a lot of people have plans, goals and dreams.  Some people have travel goals but don’t know how to achieve them, while some others have long given up on their travel dreams thinking that travelling is only for the rich people who have extra money to spare. The truth is, everyone can travel and everyone deserves to experience beautiful places, culture and adventures. The first step is to be open- minded. Here are some steps that will help you travel better this year –

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Happy New Year 2017

‘Although you can’t go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new beginning’ – Carl Bard. This should be your mantra for 2017, no looking back, forward ever. 2016 was a great year though, recession and bad news aside, for our brand, we achieved a lot and made a lot of great strides. We have only God and all our amazing tourists, clients and supporters to thank. Personally, for me and also for the blog it was also a good year. I am really thankful for everything. May this new year 2017 bring an abundance of amazing opportunities and beautiful experiences. May we achieve all our goals and may our visions and dreams come to realization. I wish you a happy and prosperous 2017. Cheers!

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Explore With Your Family This Christmas – 10 Destination Suggestions

Hi guys,

So it’s that time of the year again; Hello Christmas!!! We all agree that the year 2016 was indeed a tough year for many, especially with the recession, violence and more. Lots of families who usually take vacations outside the country were unable to do so this year. Now, Christmas is here and truly everyone just wants to let their hair down, roll up their sleeves and have a good time.  And truly, with all that has happened, we all need this break, but ticket prices out of the country are still ridiculously high. So, what do we do? Well, explore destinations within Nigeria. Here are 10 fun destinations all across Nigeria, that will give your family a memorable Christmas –

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Sumu Wildlife Park Bauchi

In the spirit of memories and trip recaps, I am still not done with sharing my Explore Bauchi experience which took place earlier this year. It was a 4 day trip to Northern Nigeria and it was one that I will never forget. I wrote about the general experience, day 1 and the people I met here, then I wrote about our visit to Tafawa Balewa’s mausoleum here and our visit to the Emir of Dass and Mbula hills here. After leaving Dass, we went to Sumu wildlife park.

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This December Twilight Theatre Presents “Fool’s Day” by Femi Oke

December is here again and a lot of people are looking for cool events to attend. It’s been a particularly tough year for Nigeria, so everyone wants to relax and get their minds off negative things and all the stress this festive season. I love stage plays and carefully thought out theatre performances. Remember when I wrote about Saro the musical? it was awesome. I also saw Ugomma earlier this year and loved it too. Nigerian stage productions are really getting better. Twilight theatre is bringing an amazing act this December titled “Fool’s day” by Femi Oke. I will definitely be attending and it will be nice to see you all there and share our love for the arts. You don’t want to miss it.

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La Campagne Tropicana Christmas Experience – Upcoming Social Prefect Tour

December (Christmas) is here and Social Prefect tours is at it again. Because better is the end of a matter than the beginning thereof, we will be ending this year with an amazingly curated Christmas tour. Trust us when we say it is going to rock; it is going to be a great way to end the year. You don’t even want to miss out. We have so many activities and fun games planned. Come and celebrate with old and new friends. You can even gift this tour to a special loved one as an early Christmas gift. We are going to be exploring the exotic beach resort La Campagne tropicana in Ikegun. Read about it here.


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